IK MOOL : Initiatives

ਮਨ ਤੂੰ ਜੋਤਿ ਸਰੂਪੁ ਹੈ ਆਪਣਾ ਮੂਲੁ ਪਛਾਣੁ ॥
O my mind, you are the embodiment of the Divine Light – Recognize your own origin.
ਮੂਲੁ ਪਛਾਣਹਿ ਤਾਂ ਸਹੁ ਜਾਣਹਿ ਮਰਣ ਜੀਵਣ ਕੀ ਸੋਝੀ ਹੋਈ ॥
Acknowledge your origin, and then you shall know your Beloved Lord, and so understand death and birth.

Initiatives for the happiness & prosperity of all.

You can Read More about the Sharing Circle: Sawal-e-Safar
(Written with love:) specially to invite you all for the collective learning and growth).

Yes:) It’s ONE Light flowing through us and connecting us to collectively reflect on our experiences and support each other in more beautiful ways. 

Ik Mool

Ik Mool Initiative encourages everyone to carry forward the Circle in your own environments, be it home, school, friends, or any other space you wish to. Give people the support they need.

Note: You can use this text or improve it in a way you want, sharing is open (no credits required). We feel that there is no copyright required on the wisdom that we are blessed to receive from different forms of life.

The simple intention is to share happiness and prosperity among all.
Sarbat Da Bhala
“ਸਰਬੱਤ ਦਾ ਭਲਾ”

.        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .        .

Reflections by co-travellers:)

Harpreet K: I have felt the essence of diversity and oneness in the circle, words fall short of what I have experienced today, it was like food for my soul.

I have connected with myself on a different level. I have found something I always longed for. The spiritual call which I always felt was unanswered. I did not ask any question but yet I got the answers. All the answers were actually within me. That’s the power I felt there.

We all deserve this kind of space to loose ourselves, make ourselves a bit vulnerable and find ‘self’ through each other’s reflections. It’s a feeling of oneness with the almighty and with each and every soul who actually represents different divine forms, I feel.

Couldn’t stop smiling and reciting the hymns post session on my way back home. Looking forward for any and every chance like this to explore myself a little better through the power of circle.

Asees K: It’s been 4 months since I first attended the circle & I can’t get enough of it. It has brought an irreversible change in my mind-set and my life. The way I have started to perceive the world around me has changed drastically. I feel like a new life started thereon for me.

The circle has become my place of solace and healing. It taught me to question everything around me and everything that I have been doing in my life without deeply understanding why I’m doing it. It also taught me to not rush for finding answers and to not get anxious if I can’t seem to find the answer. It also made me realise how all the answers are super simple & can be found with self-awareness and by understanding the nature that has been created by the One.

The most remarkable thing for me was to be able to understand little bits of the secrets of the universe and understand things in their larger context and the larger order of nature that prevails & how we have become so deeply disconnected with it & hence we are all suffering.

Another timeless learning for me has been to realise how I’m an independent soul – and it’s in my control to rid myself of all the attachments I have in my life and to set my mind free from the jail it keeps on creating every now and then.

When I met veerji was the first time I was grappling with questions about life and death & how the realisation that it’s the body that dies but the soul (the energy that we all really are) never dies. How there is no heaven or hell after we die. The heaven that we all want to experience is right here in the company of souls that are seeking the truth.

Getting acquainted with this truth calmed me deeply & helped me keep up with the spirit of chardikla which I had started to lose in my life.

The experience was super unexpected for me & it took me a while to digest all of these new learnings for I had been living a very shallow life.

I have found such a beautiful company of people where by just being in their presence heals me and calms me & is loaded with new learnings.

There is so much more to say & words will fall short – I feel tremendously blessed & am very grateful that this happened in my life & its one experience I’ll cherish forever.

Divtej S: Ever since I got to be a part of Sawal-e-Safar in Chandigarh, life for me has changed quite drastically. Although I could not meet such fellas that often but life is way better understood with the concept of JOMO(Joy Of Missing Out). As the great Einstein said “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”

This circle is an absolute necessity, even if we’re all connected through social media and can’t meet in person. I could share my inner most thoughts with circle without the fear of being judged, what a simple and loving concept.

If you might remember, I’m the one who has trouble expressing my thoughts, its the best I could. I have a few more questions but let’s keep them for our next meet, until next time with the Lord’s grace.

Lots of Love:)

Saiba K: Not one or two things, my entire perspective has changed. I see a much larger picture now. As Anika (one of the co-traveller in the circle) says, “There is no rule book or technique to get close to the One force”.

Good values, simplicity, modesty, honest living and love for all IS LOVE FOR GOD.
& if you love God, and see him in every being, you can never be unfair, unkind or angry, you will just….sing him all day:)

Harsimran S: This circle is an amazing opportunity for those who are looking for inner satisfaction. A space where we can listen Gurbani and discuss about truth. It reminded me about my Guru, I met people who are in love with Guru’s teachings. To be surrounded by Guru Nanak’s wisdom in the circle was a beautiful experience for me (personally).

A thing in me has changed, I feel the way to God is not just about following strict rules but remembering him with love & seeing him in everything I do. This perspective is now inspiring me to take things easy and see the love of my Guru everywhere:)

Ripanpreet K: Thanks for such a motivational and learning session, which was full of good energies and positive vibes for me, I learnt much more than what I was expecting. I have learnt to value thinking before I expect anything; also learnt to value observation of reasons for every step I take in my life & see multiple perspectives of a situation as I saw in the circle.

Sometimes we just need a small push to stay on track, I re-envisioned how I must live & take life. It’s a movie launched by God, just let it be:)

Prabhjot S: At first, it seemed too much to take out and invest a full day into the circle with some strangers but then I went ahead against my first thoughts (and partly inhibitions) to participate in it as an exploratory experience and afterwards, can say that it was totally worth it.

The circle was a good realization for me that there is so much in terms of Gurbani that we do not know, that it has answers to so many things and the circle came across as a good forum to learn in those directions even though we were barely scratching the surface. Secondly, the biggest learning was more in terms of being reminded that the world is a ‘Sangat’ and being present in the company of everyone and listening to them, I actually could sense the spirit of “oneness” which was amazing. It was also a reminder of the fact that most of us are going through or have gone through or will go through similar problems, feelings, situations etc. which just tightened the bond. Well, now a couple of weeks have passed after the circle now, but I am listening to Shabad Gurbani a lot since and have also developed more empathy towards people due to the reminder served above:)

Angad S: I was just amazed that the journey of habit starts way before then one can even think of. Our body is nothing but a collection of infinite receptors and the waves of information is flowing through it at every moment. Whatever gets absorbed helps us further make choices and is reflected from the choice of our words. This was the first awe-struck realization for me. How each word carries a unique and different stories with it has helped me in my relationships. Now, I do not react or respond to the “word” (as I have been doing all this while), but instead, try to understand the story and intention behind it. This has kept me away from many assumptions and unrealistic expectations.

“Tana Bana” – the moment I experience Kudrat or the feeling of Oneness, Tana Bana is what comes in my mind. How beautifully Lord creates and links the dots is only known to him. Thanks for introducing these words into my vocabulary.

The reality is “whatever is ‘supposed’ to happen will eventually happen”. The only choice one has is to align oneself with this energy.

The JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) and what is supposed to happen

These two experiences have made my life fearless and stress free to an extent that now I just smile. I smile for whatever is happening around because this is part of his Tana Bana. 🙂

Not everything is meant to be understood at that very moment. The seed needs to be sowed, nurtured and then as per his HUKAM (Natural Order), the fruit will surely be gifted.

The honesty in the participants of the Sawal-e-Safar has given me a sense of calmness and patience and BHAROSA (Faith). I pray that the Lord blesses us with the “experience of HIS existence within and in all” 🙂

Harnoor K: Life has taken a turn since I joined the circle, a turn towards the path of more clarity and faith. You have made me see everything with a fresh and new perspective. All this while I had been defining everything into either ‘right/wrong’ or ‘black/white’ but after attending your circle I feel capable of seeing things beyond this parameter.

‘TRUTH IS ALL COMPASSING’ has been my biggest takeaway from the circle. In that beautiful space of no judgement and only love, it’s easier to be honest and to be our true selves without any filters, even in front of complete strangers. To sit together and talk about the ultimate truth, there are new discoveries and we get to introspect and learn and this is what makes the circle a beautiful sharing space.

The journey of  ‘SAWAL -E- SAFAR’ has taught me the ‘essence of asking questions’. If I don’t ask any questions, how can I move towards the path of clarity! Out of the many learning’s , one thing I have been influenced by the most is how our behaviour is so conditional, so what I feel is true, certainly not what the other person might think.

‘Truth is all compassing ‘has been my biggest learning.

Lastly, surrendering to Guru’s Hukkam and understanding that life is like a flowing river, I can only be content if I flow along with it and not against it, has helped me deal with tough situations with a lot of faith. I feel so blessed that I got to meet you and attend the circle, it changed my perspective towards everything in life! You are the reason my faith in Guruji has become stronger than ever! : )