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E7 Workshop Poster

LTA ‘learning through art’ Workshop
[LTA (Basic) 3 Days Experiential Workshop]

Intends to co-create an inclusive and nourishing environment for all to engage deeper in the process of self-discovery through artistic experimentation, dynamic experiences and intuitive expressions.

While observing our ‘being’ we will look at our growth patterns and engage in the process of ‘whole-being’ realization through different learning mediums.

LTA aims to nourish a culture of learning exchange to enhancing our sensitivity and courage towards the intuitive and natural ways of our life. It’s a journey to co-create conscious community through artistic, musical and playful exchange of energies.

LTA encourages us to open all those threads of our ‘being’ that we have been feeling or thinking to re-weave with love, care, compassion, serenity & beauty in our heart.

The ultimate objective of this workshop is to help us immerse in our contemplative ‘self’ and evolve through a joyous journey of art.

E7 Chart

W O R K   P R O C E S S : Self Discovery & Integration
Based on time, space, context, group energy, available resources and spirit of co-creation.

  1. Observation of Nature – Newness – Interconnectedness of Life – Whole(Being)ness – Grounding – Presence
  2. Expressive Visual Art – Intuitive Drawing – Connecting Dots – Embodied Impressions – Awareness
  3. Words – Thought – Essence – Perception – Contrast – Contemplation – Understanding – Reflective Writing
  4. Sound – Speech – Rhythms – Resonance – Pauses – Listening – Attunement – Learning Pattern
  5. Light – Sight – Shadows – Color – Temperature – Texture – Sensation – Relation – Energy
  6. Feeling (Experience) – Felt Sense – Emotional Expression (Gesture) – Effect – Mood (State of Mind)
  7. Urge – Action – Reaction – Connection – Movement – Space – Center – Direction – Openness – Balance – Flow

we are journeying together…

  • to hold an empathetic space for diverse perspectives and learning processes of people.
  • to acknowledge, accept and appreciate different paces, paths, working styles and practices that people adapt for their self-growth.
  • to grow our understanding and practice compassion for all, specially for people going through difficult circumstances, situations and challenges and are dealing with difficult conditions, temperaments, behavior patterns and their effects.
  • to understand the deeper fears, needs, longing and concerns of people without moral judgement and avoid negative criticism, shallow opinions and interpretations.
  • to co-create an open ground of values and virtues for all to live in the harmony.
  • to avoid shallow perceptions and reach out to people to ask their challenges + nourish everyone’s spiritual journey.
  • to raise our ability and capability to handle positive criticism + resolve conflicts calmly.
  • to express or address our feelings consciously rather defending or proving a point with ego.
  • to (honestly) grow through different intensities of emotions without suppression, ignorance, bypass or collapse.
  • to free ourselves from the wobbling triggers of anger and expand in love unconditionally.
  • to holistically understand the governing ways of system & free ourselves from  insensitive opinions, taboos & controlling acts of society.
  • to pause (frequently) and reflect upon our spiritual growth + align with the natural rhythms of life.
  • to serve selflessly and practice gratitude for everyone and everything in life.
  • to grow beyond praises, insult, possessions, stimulations and gratifications and rise above the fears of survival and death.
  • to realize the divine love in all and celebrate life with freedom.
  1. We all co-exist in this coherence of life, this is a collaborative learning space and we are here not to compare or compete with others but to coordinate and co-create this journey in the abundance of collective wisdom, love, trust and support.
  2. In our world of infinite possibilities, our exchange of thoughts, feelings and actions are also relative. Here everyone’s journey is unique and special, we are here to carefully look at the multiple realities of life and to experience harmony. In this collective space of learning it is helpful for us to be aware of our inner ecosystem and how it relates to the outer.
  3. If your mind is preoccupied with the past or future, pause and hold your mind… if your mind is externally distracted and overflowing with thoughts, pause and hold your mind again. Come, let’s practice to be present and open ourselves for a slow reflective conversation. Sometimes the answer appears from a corner where we least expect it. Come, let us learn together to listen deeply & expand our horizon with a collective understanding of life.
  4. We all go through some situations, conditions or sensations that provokes us to go blind… we need to constantly ground ourselves in the journey. We need not to be harsh on ourselves. Gentleness a way of life.
  5. While understanding the interconnected patterns of pain and peace, come let’s learn to be more accepting, more responsible and more caring for each other.
  6. This is an invitation for all of us to co-create a safe space for all to learn. Oneness is an experience of harmony among the diverse energies and ecosystems of life. Our natural and honest coherence has an incredible power to expand our horizon, heal our wounds, enrich our understanding and support our holistic growth.
  7. Honesty heals us all. It’s often vulnerable to witness the flaws and the weirdness that we carry within but the honest admission of one and the unconditional acceptance of other has an incredible power to unlock the chains of our suffering and bring peace. This an invitation for all of us to bravely speak about our challenges and triggers that wobbles us & through this sharing we evolve in this collective play of life.
  8. We are drops of the ONE Ocean. No matter where our co-travellers are in their personal journey, we accept all as they are. We accept and respect the path and the pace of everyone’s learning and growth. It’s an invitation for all of us to free ourselves from all the unwanted social/cultural burdens that we have been carrying and renounce all kind of hegemony and hierarchies that spoils our true nature of ‘being’.
  9. Let’s begin a journey to nurture compassion over conflict; equality over superiority; & receptivity over despise. It’s an invitation to co-create a nourishing and inclusive learning space with the incredible love, light and compassion that we are carrying within.
  10. We are here to break all the inhibitions and hesitations to free ourselves from all kind of fears, anxieties and pressures that block our growth. We are here to rise above the blames, shames, victimization. We are here to support the internal growth of all, with no imposition and control from the outside.
  • Honesty is the real beauty, stay natural while being curious.
  • Expand to embrace all kind of co-explorers.
  • Mis-takes are welcome but also let’s take-a-way from it.
  • Being the best is not a condition, doing the best is all that matters.
  • Be who you are or become what you want.
  • Take your time, take your space and make your own path.
  • See what works for you. What works for you, works for you.


  1. The essence of your natural ‘being’.
  2. What are you presently seeking, learning or practicing and why?
  3. Your curiosity and present choices.
  4. Your inspiration and distractions.
  5. Your deeper longing and external influences.
  6. The limits and possibilities of your innate potential.
  7. Your thoughts, actions and attitudes in difficult circumstances.
  8. Your honest feelings, impulsive reactions and conscious responses.
  9. The depth of your observation, perception and true understanding.
  10. The ultimate purpose and task of your life.
  11. What brings a true fulfilment in your life?


III. At Mera.Qi, Sector 18-B, Chandigarh / 26th-28th Feb, 2021

II. At Arpana Fine Arts Gallery, New Delhi / 27th May – 2nd June, 2019
Part of ‘I AM – Identity Art Marathon‘ 24 day multi disciplinary art festival.

I. At ARCH College of Design & Business, Jaipur. Rajasthan / 15th – 17th May 2019