Daras _ DSG
b. 1987, Patiala, Punjab, India

an architect by education, daras works on diverse art & design projects ranges from visual art to craft development, spatial art installations to set/space design, poetry, music, sound explorations, performance, photography & film art.


In 2017, started an alternative education project ‘Shilp Khel’ that integrates craft & games to create an experiential learning environment for kids.

In 2019, Started facilitating LTAlearning through artWorkshop that intends to create an inclusive and nourishing environment for all those explorers who aspire to engage deeper in the process of ‘self-discovery’ through artistic experimentation, dynamic experiences and intuitive expressions. It’s a journey to serve communities with artistic, musical and playful learning exchange.

Later in 2019, also realized the need of open community circles where people can share and listen to each other’s heart with compassion. Started Circle: Sawal-E-Safar where we can ask difficult questions and collectively reflect upon our challenges of life. It’s a process of co-creation where every individual can explore the sense and the essence of ‘self’ in the larger ecosystem. It brings the harmony and healing among all in the abundance of collective care, trust, love & simplicity:)


As it ordains,
Life is a blessing !!! : )

Learning further to connect deeply with the TRUE nature of life.
Learning to SEE THE ONE in all, practicing total acceptance & expanding in unconditional love.

A quiet life in nature, harmonizing with plants and organisms, walking in the forest, gazing sunshine, dancing with winds, singing with rivers, learning from kids & being helpful to people and nature around. To work freely and fearlessly, which one hopes may be of some use.. then rest, silence, sunsets, music and love for everyone and everything in life.

To be, and be nothing.

To be, and be nothing,

in the timelessness.

.    .    .    .    .    .    .