Black Pottery of Nizamabad

A Documentary Film / Produced by : INTACH, New Delhi, India.

Nizamabad is a small town in Azamgarh District situated about 100km (62 miles) north of Varanasi on the banks of river Tamsa, which feeds several lakes on the outskirts of the town.

The pottery of Nizamabad is characterized by its smooth lustrous black finish with sparkling motifs of silver grey etchings which resembles bidriware of Karnataka. The black finish is due to application of clay slip, polishing and reduction firing.

There are about 35 families still living in the town which is gradually diminishing.

In an effort to promote this craft, INTACH Delhi, organized a design development workshop with the artisans and made a documentary film.

Direction & Cinematography: Subinoy Das
Art Direction: Darshan Singh Grewal
Editing: Subinoy Das & Akhil Gupta
Voice Over: Bhaveen Gossain
Produced by: INTACH, New Delhi, India.
Concept, Research & Script by INTACH Team: Bindu Manchanda, Anil Browne, Anshu Ahuja, Meenu Sharma, Pitamber.S.Rawat