An art installation at Majha House Syal Festival 2018.

To look at borders we create & boundaries we break, we had developed and installed a WING LESS creature caged in barbed wire at Majha House Syal Festival 2018 in Amritsar.

Title ‘WING LESS’ is inspired from Paro Anand’s book WING LESS.

Wing Less 05

The festival looked at Borders and Boundaries and at Border Crossings with a special emphasis on the Northeast and Bengal, to make connections and to take a look at our shared histories. The Borders discussed in the sessions looked at physical borders and crossings like the one in 1947 with the Partition of the Indian subcontinent, which destroyed a centuries old composite culture and led to unprecedented violence and destruction. A bloodletting and a migration unlike any seen before. This huge movement of people crossing borders in Punjab and Bengal is something that has remained writ large on our psyche and character.
The other Borders that writers talked about are those in our minds, the rifts and fractures, the divisions we have created or inherited: divisions of class, caste, gender, language, sexuality and so on. Many of these we see play out in acrimonious debates in the media everyday—even languages now have a religion! We have divided artists and litterateurs, craftspeople and film-people and shut them up, shut them in, categorized them. _a review note by Preeti Gill

We requested people at festival to reflect on the following questions, to write about their feeling and give wings to the wingless.



Q1. How do you look at borders?

Q2. How comfortable/uncomfortable are you within your boundaries?

Q3. Are there any boundaries you desire to break or cross, Why?

Q4. Are there any connections you aspire to build across borders and boundaries, How?

. . .

Inaugurated by Paro Anand, the wingless creature was given wings by people at festival & wonderful messages of peace and harmony and of creating a borderless world were added to it as the two day long festival progressed.