Mysteries – A film in making

A metaphoric musical documentary film that reflects different perspectives of life culture.mysteries-screenshotIn these endless mysteries of life,
How would you understand that is beyond understanding?

Whatever we define, changes with time.
As we evolve, our perception changes, understanding changes,
As we change, our destiny changes.

From where what arises and where it sets?
Who coincide & synchronize, Who deviate and fall apart?

There are all kind of things perceived and pursued by all kind of people.

All kind of paths, beliefs, values, conditions, systems, structures and hierarchies. All kind of habits, desires, aspirations, expectations and choices.

Who has designed this ever evolving play of realities & illusions,

Who knows?

All physical & subtle matters in this existence are functioning in some unpredictable order, What are you aware of & what all have you been ignoring? What attracts you, what influences you & what really inspires you? What conditions your mind is constantly choosing & where are you heading? What you loose in your fulfillment & What you gain from the pain?

How your desires meet your needs & from where you walk away?
What you urge for & what you indulge in? What your body desires but not your mind? What your mind desires but not your spirit?

What evokes the tremendous joy in you & What fills you with the sorrows? Thought is just a play, what breaks you then? What is your deep longing & Where have you arrived?

All these stories, not always wrong & not always right. You see your truth, when you uncover all that you have been hiding. You witness your beauty within all the layers of your being. What form that formless fire has? Who you are & what are you becoming?

We can watch a seed becoming a tree, but what really exist inside that seed?

Fishes enjoy the ocean but can never divulge its end.

The ‘whole’ exist ‘as a whole’ in many parts. What connects with what and how the diversity of this whole existence synchronize for the best of its functioning?

How time and spaces change our experiences?
The moment we find our answers, life change the questions.
Not all the phenomenons of this cosmos have been unveiled to humans.
Your understanding lies in your acceptance & awareness of the reality.

What stops where & what continues?
Who knows?

Some depths of these mysteries can never be revealed, understood or measured by the great logic or intelligence of human mind.

Mysteries are in making…

What goes along when we die?

Who knows?