Forest & Farms

We are the ONE Eco-System, breathing in bodies that continue to form, deform and transform. The vitality emanates a sense of our being manifested as we actualize ourselves within the ecosystem of life. As much as we live in harmony with the nature, we learn to imbibe the subtle laws of existence in our each and every movement. By aligning with the natural life order, we attain our true health, joy and prosperity.

Forest & Natural Farms are such biodiversity spaces in life where we can slow down to observe the working of nature deeply. It helps us to learn and develop regenerative ecosystems for all life forms to coexist in harmony with all.

In the Forest _darasIn the Forest

Yes, there is a timelessness in this forest. The countless lives living under the soil covered with the dark mulch. I see many of them around the wild bushes, creepers, herbs and trees. The fluttering wings of the birds, can you hear? the melodies of birds… ? The moment I cross the water streams, I notice that they show me some ancient landscapes.

I breathe, the way forest breathe. When clouds envelope the mountain,’ I’ disappear.

I have seen the night in the noon, yes! there is a timelessness in this forest.
(sept2019, Uttarakhand)

greens and browns 01

🌳🍃 Sharing with you some pictures of our forest friends. 
The greens & the browns – The wild & free – The surfaces & layers – The textures & patterns of life.

learnings at Himalayan Farm Project, Uttrakhand, India

There is much more to observe and experience… very less to say..

The science, songs and the silence…
over and over again, a journey to return.